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      2020-08-02  來自: 蘇州優伊機器人科技有限公司 瀏覽次數:1594

              A auto U-tube Bending Set Punching Set  Auto Cell       






      Main Features:

      An automatic production line of U-shaped bending pipe includes: automatic truss feeding, automatic necking, double head bending machine, automatic bending pipe, automatic punching machine, automatic truss blanking, including machine table, positioning mechanism and punching module, U-tube Bay adjustment module, the machine is equipped with horizontal XY two direction adjustment operation table, machine adjustment module can be manual, also can be configured with servo drive digital control. The size of the special punching machine is small, the production cost is reduced, the space occupied is small, the beat is fast, and the production efficiency is improved; it can adapt to the U-shaped bending parts of different sizes and lengths, and has strong compatibility. In the upgraded version of the system, the truss structure can be changed into a robot handling structure, which makes the whole automatic production line more flexible and more compatible.


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